Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres


The 12th Forum at the 28th International Children's Theater Festival in Subotica is an exceptional opportunity for gathered theater researchers from all over the world to analyze some of the important topics and discus some important issues, aiming to inspire and promote, with full attention to theatrical creativity for children and youth, drama art for the youngest audiences.

The forum focuses on two main topics:

1. Reception of aesthetic categories and evaluation in the theater for children and youth

2. Festivals for children and youth - perception and selection

This year's Forum, with protection measures against the virus epidemic, is being held at full capacity. 29 participants from 16 countries testify that the theater community responsibly finds ways and means for children’s theaters to respond to challenges and discover new levels in the interpretation of theater themes.

Participants of the 12th Forum will present their works live or online from the following countries, from three continents: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Georgia, Iran, India, Nigeria and Egypt.

The engagement of the Forum participants is divided into three-day-work.
On the first day, participants will focus on: Children's reception - children as an audience The reception and evaluation of a theatrical event in all of its segments is important for those who participate in the very act of creating a theatrical act, but above all it is important for those for whom the act is intended. The choice of the theatrical event and the evaluation by the children themselves as an audience is an important reference point for the answers to future existential and aesthetic questions.
On the second day, planned discussion topic is: Theater for children and reception - theater and education The process of education is inconceivable without elements of theater or theater techniques. In order to follow the process of young people’s growing up, theater has to inspire young people by finding appropriate reception forms of important aesthetic categories to be clearly presented to young audiences, without a doubt what is good, noble or not worth paying attention to.
On the third day, the participants' attention will be focused on: Festivals for children and youth – children’s theater and repertoire The question of great importance is: what we can offer to the children’s attention to inspire them or show them the world as it is or as it could be? Therefore, festivals for children are important places on the cultural and artistic map of the world, because the choices that are made there become unforgettable for the young audience.

At the 12th Forum, gathered researchers will present, live or through the online platform, their works, hoping that they will have an impact on the quality of future theater choices and achievements, as well as that theoretical consideration of directions and content of concrete achievements will contribute to better understanding of the theater phenomenon.

Head of the Forum: Marijana Prpa Fink, PhD

Vesna Kosec Torjanac, PhD, Croatia
Branislava Trifunović, doktorand, Serbia
Pernille Welent Sørensen, Ph.D. Fellow, Denmark
Heidi Schoenenberger, Ph.D. Fellow, Ireland
Anastasia Kolesnikova, Russia
Marijana Petrović, mg, Serbia
Adeoye, Aderemí Michael, PhD, Nigeria
Maryam Kazemi and Poupak Azimpour Tabrizi, MA, Iran
Kerryn Palmer, PhD, New Zealand
Tea Kovše, Slovenia/Austria
Jovan Caran, Srbija
Ewa Tomaszewska, PhD, Poland
Dubravko Torjanac, Croatia
Rachael MacBean and Md Khalid, India
Milica Šećerov, doktorand, Serbia
Robert Molnar, Serbia
Ilze Klavina, PhD, Latvia
Uroš Mladenović, PhD, Serbia
Viviane Juguero, PhD, Norway
Zdenka Đerđ, PhD, Croatia
Goran Gavrić, PhD, Serbia
Natalia Lebedeva, Russia
Ana Mirianashvili, PhD, Georgia
Branka Rudman, PhD, Croatia
Dubravka Zrnčić Kulenović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Maja Verdonik, PhD, Croatia
Ahmed Hani, MA, Egypt
Jelena Paligorić Simkević, Serbia
Karolina Kaleta, PhD, Poland

The Forum will be held in the City Library Reading Room in Subotica from September 20 to 22 from 7 pm, with some of the participants following the Forum via the Zoom platform.

Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres