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Zoran Đerić

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Zoran Đerić

Born in 1960 in Bačko Dobro Polje, he has lived in Novi Sad since 1979. He graduated, obtained his master's degree and doctorate at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He was the manager and playwright of the Youth Theater in Novi Sad (1988-1993), then the director and playwright at the same theater (2006-2012), editor-in-chief of Scena magazine (2013-2017), assistant director at Sterija's Pozorje (2015-2016), manager of the Serbian National Theater (since 2016), professor at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, member of the Performing Arts and Music Board of Matica Srpska, member of the theater magazine Agon (Banja Luka) and the magazine for puppetry Niti (Theater Museum of Vojvodina). He has published and translated several books in the field of theater and film and puppetry. Some of the titles are: Insatiability: Polish Dramaturgy of the 20th Century (2006), History of Witold Gombrowicz (2008), Testosterone. New Polish Dramaturgy (2009), Theater and Film (2010), Vitkaci's Crazy Locomotive: Between Film and Theater (2010), Dramaturgical Postscript (2014), Puppet Theater in Novi Sad / founding (with Ljiljana Dinić, 2014), Puppet and Mask in Serbian culture: from ritual to theatrical act (with Lj. Dinić, 2014), Puppetry in Serbia: from fair to youth scenes (with Lj. Dinić, 2015), Dramatic work by Branislav Nušić - tradition and modernity (edited by Z.Đ. , 2015), New Serbian Drama Anthology (edited by Z.Đ., 2016); Collection of Works (edited by Z.Đ., 2016), A tribute to Jurkowski. Collection of Papers (edited by Z.Đ., 2017), Celluloid Literature: Literature and Film (2019). Translated from the Polish book: Vjeslav Hejno, The Art of Puppetry (2012), Henrik Jurkovski, Theory of Puppetry II (2013), Henrik Jurkovski, Puppet in Culture I (2015) and Puppet in Culture II (2017).

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