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23 september

Official Selection


Eurocinema, Subotica
The Galilee Multicultural Theater
Autor: Efrat Hadany, Pablo Ariel
Director: Efrat Hadany, Pablo Ariel
Cast: Arsenije Tubić, Katarina Dimitrijević, Ivana Adžić, Nenad Radović
Stage Design: Pablo Ariel
Puppet Design: Efrat Hadany
Music: Gustavo Bustamante
Age of the audience: 4-8
Performance duration: 0:45
Language: no speech
Guli has to stay with his almost deaf and mute grandfather for one night, while grandma is away. Guli is quite worried for his grandpa, and does not know how to approach him. But then, grandpa gives him a present, a special one, which unlocks Guli’s world of imagination and help the two connect.
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Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres