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20 september

Official Selection


Narodno pozorište Subotica - scena Jadran
“Flying Cow” Theatre
Autor: D. Kh. Gibran
Director: Jevgeny Ibragimov
Cast: I. Marjapuu, R. Buldash, P. Grubeljas, J. Koppel, Zahar Makarov, Mery Koppel, A, Klinduhhova
Stage Design: I. Marjapuu
Puppet Design: I. Marjapuu
Music: N. Akimov
Age of the audience: 10+
Performance duration: 00:40
Language: Non-verbal, introduction in English
Nocturne is a promenade performance influenced by Sufian folklore from D. Kh. Gibran's collection of poetry in prose. Through Asian wisdom, irony, and horrible situations the audience is warned about true repercussions of human acts. The Sufi concept (which serves as the basis of the show) is the shared being of us all, beginning with forgetting peace and losing knowledge of it. It is, however, not too late to rediscover it. The play's intended audience is families with teenagers. Adolescence is the age of rebels, individuals who are determined to alter the world at any cost. The seductive form of Nocturne (pictures, plots, dolls, characters arriving from utter darkness and departing just as strangely) seems to imply to the viewer that there is no need to change the world, which is already beautiful, but rather that you yourself must change and evolve. With so many unknowns and pitfalls in the journey of a young person, this is an extremely challenging task. In life, one travels forward as if in a dark room, following a small ray of light, never knowing what perils and opportunities await them around the next corner.
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Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres