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19 september

Official Selection


Narodno pozorište Subotica - scena Jadran
Toša Jovanović National Theatre
Autor: Desanka Maksimović/Mina Petrić
Director: Sonja Petrović
Cast: Una Beić, Predrag Grujić, Nataša Milišić, Danilo Mihnjević, Olgica Trbojević-Kostić, Snežana Popov, Miroslav Maćoš
Stage Design: Irina Somborac
Puppet Design: Irina Somborac
Music: Nenad Kojić
Age of the audience: 8+
Performance duration: 00:53
Language: Non-verbal
To exist in the world of Primitive Girl is to go back in time when humans used to co-exist with nature. This play is a reminder of just how detached we became from the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, water, fire, plants, animals, genuine touch and encounters with nature. In the play’s imagined community, nature is an event, a character, a moment, a beauty, a friend, a murderer, a parent, a landlord... Nature is not something that "should be preserved", but a part of us. However, today’s advanced society is flawed – it nurtures rules favoring boys and men. But, if there wasn't a catch, our story wouldn’t exist! In the community, there is a girl determined to change the rules. Nature is her greatest ally in this for what she seeks is natural. A girl taking on the role of a leader to begin the new age of the primitive community? Why not! Her male friend supporting her in this endeavor? Why not! Us, producing a play about these events? Why not!
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Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres