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21 september

Official Selection


Narodno pozorište Subotica - scena Jadran
Little Theatre Duško Radović
Belgrade, Serbia
Autor: Zoran Đerić
Director: Isidora Goncić
Cast: Arsenije Tubić, Katarina Dimitrijević, Ivana Adžić, Nenad Radović
Stage Design: Mina Miladinović
Puppet Design: Mina Miladinović
Music: Vera Milanković
Age of the audience: 3+
Performance duration: 1:00
Language: Serbian
A journey into the unknown can be both a great challenge, and a great danger. Something small can be big, and something big can be small, so there is no place for belittling. We live in a world of great differences. Adults know it, it’s time for children to learn it, too.
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Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres