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20 september

Official Selection


Dečje pozorište Subotica
Autor: Lucia Svobodová
Director: Lucia Svobodová, Katarína Aulitisová
Cast: Lucia Svobodová, Denisa Uherová
Stage Design: Lucia Svobodová, Mária Stanko
Puppet Design: Mária Stanko
Music: Denisa Uherová, Lucia Svobodová
Age of the audience: 6+
Performance duration: 00:45
Language: Non-verbal
The play is inspired by the myths of the Inuiti. People of the north believed seals were once human beings. The main inspiration came from C.P. Estés’ book Women Who Run with the Wolves. Story is written in a fictional language inspired by the Inuiti dialect that evokes the icy mood of lands behind the polar circle. Thus, anyone can understand the play. Its narration lies in the pictures, intonation and emotions - pulling the audience into an intimate theatrical experience.
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Subotica International Festival of Children's Theatres